Truckee River Watershed Council

The Truckee River watershed drains over 3,000 square miles, and includes pristine but also highly developed lands. Every fall season the Truckee River Watershed Council organizes Truckee River Day, where over 400 volunteers participate in projects that help protect the resources within the watershed. The organization has found that although this focused, one-day effort requires great planning, the results include an increased sense of shared success and accomplishment by all those involved, including children for whom age-appropriate tasks are specifically designed. Allowing volunteers to serve as crew leaders further provides experience for people who may hope to someday work as conservation professionals.

The Schwemm Foundation supported Truckee River Days in both 2017 and 2018. Projects organized and completed in the two years included restoration efforts that increase hydrologic connectivity, improve water quality and reduce erosion, and increase the amount of available riparian and wetland habitat for all native species.