Project Coyote

Project Coyote works to promote co-existence between humans and wild predators. One of Project Coyote’s most successful programs, Ranching with Wildlife, aims to assist ranchers with employing non-lethal means of predator deterrence for livestock protection. A number of scientifically-based and cost-effective methods have proven successful, including the use of trained dogs to protect sheep.

The SFF has recently partnered with Project Coyote to produce a short documentary film entitled ‘Finding Common Ground’. This film will present the history and success of non-lethal predator deterrence methods first tested in Marin County, California that have since been applied in several states and counties. The production and distribution of the film will present examples of livestock protection programs that have successfully eliminated lethal control of coyotes and other predators and hopefully increase the number of ranchers and agency personnel willing to adopt similar management methods.

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