CHEER, Coastal Habitat Education & Environmental Restoration

Programmatic Stream Maintenance Program/ Pajaro River Watershed First Responder Clean-Up


The mission of CHEER is to restore coastal ecosystems but do so in a way that safeguards resource-based local economies.  CHEER is a “boots on the ground” organization that works through a variety of community partnerships to reverse damage that has been done to the Pajaro River Watershed in northern California, especially in areas that impact native fish.

Toward these efforts, grant money awarded to CHEER from the Schwemm Family Foundation was used to remove over 250 yards of debris and garbage from the stream and riparian area, including illegal dumped tires, car parts, household trash, drug paraphernalia, and toxic waste.  The efforts to remove the debris involved a select group of student volunteers from the local community college.  In addition to these cleanup efforts,  several monitoring methods were put in place to allow CHEER to take further action on debris removal as needed.