California Native Plant Society

The California Native Plant Society – CNPS – has been protecting native plant species in California since 1965. Conservation efforts for plants and animals nearly always requires protecting and enhancing habitat, and increasing urbanization is a primary threat to plant habitats in California. In 2018 the Schwemm Foundation assisted CNPS in publishing a special edition of their publication Fremontia that focused on the importance of protecting open space areas near human population centers, sites often referred to as the urban-wildland interface. Support from the SFF allowed CNPS to distribute the November, 2018 issue of Fremontia not only to CNPS members but to an additional 4000 non-member organizations and individuals, and it is now available to download for free at

This project was selected because of its focus on an important conservation issue, clear and measurable outcomes, and the stated goal of communicating the importance of preserving open space not only for species conservation but also for the enhancement of human communities.